The saga of the Papineau of Québec
and other places
(La saga des Papineau du Québec et d'ailleurs)

First Generation
(première génération)


    copyright   Jean-Yves Papineau
        Mont-Tremblant, Québec, 2001-2009



In the tradition of Québec:

Honor thy father and thy mother,
that your days may be long in the land
which the Lord your God giveth you.

Le petit catéchisme du Québec de 1924:
fourth God's commandment.

In the traditions of Asia*:

The cult of ancestors

The descendants have an obligation to honor their ancestors in order to appease their spirits, otherwise they would wander endlessly.
There is also an obligation to "sweep" and flower their toombstones twice a year, occasion of two public holidays in Hong Kong.

The ancestor's shrine
In bouddhist's homes, a highly colored small altar or shrine on which token offerings are made and where incense sticks are burned to honor the ancestors.

* The author lived there and worked in Asia during fifteen years.

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