PAPINEAU of Quebec
    and other places

1.7.7 Papineau of Bordeaux and La Rochelle

Among the Papineau pioneers who crossed to  America in the 17th century, we found the birth certificate ie. the baptism of Anne Papineau Lamarque, on the seventh of July 1648, in Bordeaux,  daughter of  Marie Papineau married to Louis Lamarque.

Port of Bordeaux in 1759,
painting by Joseph Vernet, Marine museum, Paris

Marie Papineau herself is the daughter of Louis Papineau, merchant of Bordeaux, who obtained letters of bourgeoisie in 1605. Married to Jeanne Dautièges, they had three sons. Olivier is King counsellor and banker in La Rochelle, an office occupied later by his unmarried son Pierre-Louis.
At this point we might find a connection between the Bordeaux and the Niort Papineau families: in the account books of Gabriel Bernon, the La Rochelle merchant who arranged emigration of French Huguenots to England and then to America, we find entries for both Papineau the younger of Niort and Papineau the King counsellor of La Rochelle.

Anne Papineau Lamarque had doubtless made the crossing from Bordeaux towards 1658-1660 with her brother Jacques, of whom we have also copy of the baptism certificate in 1643 at St-André of Bordeaux.
In 1662 she graduated from the convent of the Ursuline Sisters in Quebec city.
In 1666, she marries   Charles Testard dit Folleville. He also had arrived here with his military brother, Jacques Testard de La Forêt and a sister named Jeanne. The Testard family will give to New-France some of its greatest military heroes: Gabriel Testard de La Forêt, Jacques Testard de Montigny and his son Jean-Baptiste Testard de Montigny, the last two receiving the highest French army decoration, the Cross of Saint Louis.
The military surnames of La Forêt and Montigny as well as the civilian surname of Folleville were chosen from the names of towns where the Testard family originated, between Le Hâvre and Rouen, in French Normandie.

 Cathedral of Rouen

"Anne Papineau Lamarque Testard de Folleville" who had become an innkeeper in Montréal will be one of the heroines of the doctoral thesis of regretted ethnologist Robert-Lionel Séguin: "La vie libertine en Nouvelle-France", loosely translated as "The gallant life in New-France".

She will have numerous descendants of whom some will adopt, first as a surname and eventually as their legal name the patronymic name of the grandmother Marie Papineau.
Today we find one of those descendants in the USA, Anthony Papineau, living in North-Carolina, who has built the most complete genealogy data base of the various Papineau families. It is posted on his web site: <>