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Samuel Papineau dit Montigny 1670-1737

1.7.9 Épilogue for the first generation
This young eighteen year old boy growing up in the sweet landscapes of his native France could not imagine  that his descendants would one day number by the thousands and, three hundred years later, be found all around the world.
How could he guess that his son, Joseph Papineau dit Montigny, would travel to the center of a new continent, that his grandson, Joseph Papineau as an elected member of the first Canadian parliament would be called "father of the homeland", and that one of his great-grandsons, Louis-Joseph Papineau, would be nominated by historians as the most outstanding political man in Canadian history, while his brother, Denis-Benjamin Papineau, will be co-Prime Minister of this country which inspires awe and fear in the French provinces?
It would have been necessary first that he crossed an inhospitable sea towards a wild part of the world, that he survived its wars, that he settled there to take wife and start a family.

At this moment, Samuel Papineau returns slowly from near-by Bressuire's market astride his sure-footed Poitou mule. He already sees the wings of his deceased father's windmill and the smoke of the chimney of his home of La Papinière in the village of Montigny. Then he hears the distant noise of a gathering in the church yard and the familiar drum roll which indicates that there is again a levy of soldiers. As there are very few volunteers, the recruits are conscripted in drawing lots by the authorities of cities and villages. This recruit will then go to ports of embarkation to form a new company of the Troops of Marine bound for Canada.

"Again! Really, our dear governor in Poitiers exaggerates! Let us get closer to see which of my friends will be his victim this time. It will certainly not be me because at seventeen I am still very young for the recruit of 1688".

 Events will soon give him an unexpected answer.
  Indeed, he will live this incredible adventure that these few pages try to reconstitute.


This seventeen young Frenchman became the founding member of the Papineau of Québec and their descendants and cousins that today can be found all over the orld.

We have seen also that other Papineau came to the New World at the end of the 17th century. Here is another one:
Louis Papineau dit Deslauriers.
One finds also in the archives of Nouvelle-France the burial certificate  on June 18, 1699 of a young soldier born in Niort, who died at the age of 24.
Louis Papineau, surnamed Deslauriers, is said to be from Saint Fabien parish of the city of Niort and being a member of the company of the captain of Longueuil. We did not find a parish of this name in the city of Niort, but there was possibly an error with St-Florent. It also could involve a parish named St-Fabien in the larger region which is called Niortais.

We have found no proof to establish if the families of the four  Papineau  pioneers who came from France to America in the 17-th century were or not related:
Samuel Papineau.............from Montigny,
Jean Papineau...............from Niort,
Louis Papineau..............from Niort,
Anne Papineau Lamarque......from Bordeaux,

The most ancient record of the name Papineau, year 1535, was found in the church registries of the Island of Oléron, situated a little to the South of La Rochelle. There might be the common Papineau cradle.

According to a correspondence between an early American Popenoe and the late father Archange Godbout, founder of the French-Canadian genealogical society, the latter states that in the 17th century, Montigny and Bordeaux were rather of catholic obedience while Niort and La Rochelle were rather of Protestant obedience. Oléron however was mostly catholic.


We will see in the next pages the story of a few descendants of Samuel Papineau, beginning with his nine children born in New-France.

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